As specified in the terms of use, translations of this book are permitted as long as they are published under the same free license as the original. You are encouraged to publish your translation on your own site. I also plan to host translations on the main Dive Into Accessibility site eventually.

If you translate Dive Into Accessibility into another language and wish to be listed here, contact me at Note that you do not need to contact me asking permission to begin translating; you already have my permission.

One point which Karl Dubost brought up is that the character sketches used in this book are fairly American-centric. You are free to take some liberties with the characters, changing where they live, how much they pay for rent, even their names if you like. Just keep their disabilities intact, since they are referenced throughout the book.


Asle Ommundsen, Asbjørn Ulsberg, and Øystein Skartsæterhagen have published a Norwegian translation.


Both a Traditional Chinese translation and Simplified Chinese translation are available.


Karl Dubost has published his French translation.


Haiko Hebig (sfs {at} hebig . org) and several others are working on a German translation.


Roberto Scano and team ( info {at} webaccessibile dot org) have completed an Italian translation.


Mayu Shimizu is working on a Japanese translation.


Michal Swiatkiewicz (michal {at} mimas . ceti . pl) has published his Polish translation.


Mario Sigueira is working on a Portuguese translation (added February 15, 2004).


Iván de Cincomonos (webmaster {at} cincomonos . com) and others are working on a Spanish translation.